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Jan 10, 2013 2:30pm EST
the image, we were like, omg. i couldn't believe my eyes. >> that's diane and todd in spokane, cog. what has them saying, omg? this. >> oh! >> that is trying to get into their home. >> it was 6:41 in the morning, the door -- ne dog was bare o'st e or. and they're like, okay. well, whoever was just here must have took off. they go and look at their security camera -- and this is what they found. this pantless guy trying to bust into their home. >> but he's not really pantless, just got them down around his ankling. >> did he use the bathroom? couldn't wait? >> sounds like he might have needed a bathroom. todd put on his running shoes after he discovered this dude and followed his footsteps around town and realized that this -- gentleman -- went to about 20 other homes trying to maybe -- maybe find a toilet. who knows? >> he's a guy. just use a bush. for goodness sake, why did he have to have his pants down around his knees? >> it just makes no sense. >> i'm thinking this is a sexual presidenter th preside predator that wanted to pull his pud in someone's house. >> just going to the
Jan 14, 2013 6:00pm EST
how there may not be anything huge, nothing that was omg and he said it noting that he had waited for a year to go buy it since jobs died. something he promised. oh, take a look. unremarkable. i asked isakson whether apple didn't have a breakthrough product. i wanted to hear something positive, telling you to put on the nfl this weekend or sons of anarchy. he said apple may have such a product but some of these essential to whether the company gets off the ground. isakson said apple was able to put together the music business when he put together itunes but they are too powerful. desperate the way that the record companies were. not long after i took the apple position that had been held for a very long time and told subscribers that tells you what i'm about to do beforehand, it was time to ring the register on half the position. going forward, as has always been the case, viewers and readers know, i wanted to play with the house's money. now, i've been trying to get my arms around apple the stock. it began an evaluation play. there's better growth than they do. the problem with t
Jan 21, 2013 6:30pm PST
look at youth culture. we talk about texting and sexing and omg and i didn't text anything to you. i spoke to and part of the language and how they engage so until we look at the culture of young people and how do we impact today's 20th century media culture we can't make a huge impact in regards to bullying or electronic aggression or whatever name we want to place on it and is affecting the students and i am excited you're addressing this issue and it's a crucial time for this generation and if we don't take serious this conversation today and action tomorrow we will see more and more issues arise. [applause] >> and i'm going to cap it up and i totally agree with that and one of the resources i want you to point is out is the family institute on line and platform for good a couple days ago. anne was there for the launch in dc and the goal of this whole thing is connect parents, educators and teens together to talk about both the eat your peas and how you stay a digital citizen and do the whole thing and i encourage everybody to check that out and i think that's the type of resource
Jan 28, 2013 3:30am PST
is raqesh [inaudible] and the co-owner of a new bar and club called omg on sixth street and between jessie and stevenson on sixth street and we opened a few months ago. we found it challenging although we have a nice space inside and we got a lot of complements from people that check out the space but some of the challenges are people are still afraid to come down to sixth street. we have a lot of businesses and hi tech companies that moved into the neighborhood a few blocks from the business, but we notice most of them just get out of work and go into bart or leave the neighborhood. they don't want to stay in the neighborhood. one because around that neighborhood there are no nice restaurants. there are no places where people can hang out and enjoy after work. also we have a couple of theaters around there, and people don't like to stay -- come before the theater show or after the show and come to the bars, so that is one of our biggest challenges on six ethstreet. people are still afraid and we need to do something to address that issue that there's a lot of loitering around outsi
Jan 20, 2013 1:35am EST
. >> arsenio hall! >>> hello and welcome to "omg insider." weekend edition. i'm sleep deprived from the golden globes and what has been a wild week. >> there was a bit of a brouhaha brewing over kim kardashian's stomach where on "today" she reveals she has been struggling with infertility. everyone wondered how long that struggle had been going on. fortunately michael yo sat down with kim and her sister kourtney in new york. >> you said you had fertility issues on the "today" show. >> i was always quiet about mine. >> i was unclear about this. is this something you just found out about with kanye or you've known about it for a while? >> i found out about it when i took khloe to get her fertility check and go to a specialist. >> that was at the end of season seven.
Jan 27, 2013 1:35am EST
you didn't know about. >>> hey there, it's "omg! insider" weekend edition. we are breaking down the biggest stories of the week.
Jan 28, 2013 11:35pm EST
. i go with an omg. chris brown is on probation for punching rihanna and frank ocean could press charges which could mean a trip to jail for chris brown over a parking spot. just like biggie and tupac. might be time to put chris in a hamster ball for his protection. the u.s. postal service raised the price of a stamp yesterday. stamps are something that the pilgrims used before we had the internet. it will now cost you 46 cents which is a bummer for me and the mail order bride business i was about to launch. some people are complaining about the price even though it's a penny more than the old price. it's one cent. you're not allowed to spend $4 on a cup of coffee and complain about a cent. for 46 cents you can send something to any house in north dakota that's a bargain. i wish the post office would charge for e-mail. maybe aunt nancy would think twice about sending the gangnam style video. you think we'll have the post office in 20 years? the only ones keeping it alive are the ones who don't know you can get netflix on the internet. kids will ask how did we get messages? we wro
Jan 9, 2013 1:40am PST
reporting that and talking about it. >> oh, aig, omg. >>> coming up next, jimmy kimmel's new time slot and his smashing guest. >>> and inside kim kardashian and kanye west's home. we'll share the price tag and get a peek inside coming up next in "the skinny." in "the skinny." fwlarn ♪ skinny, so skinny >>> skinny in the house! >> good morning, willis. big night for jimmy kimmel last night. taking over his new time slot at 11:30 here on abc. congratulations to him. a new chapter in late night begins. so congrats, jimmy. enjoy the big move. had a great first show last night. one of my favorite hollywood starlets, jennifer aniston. something so effortlessly sexy about her. as this next clip will prove. take a listen. >> why would you do this to my new desk? what is wrong with you? >> out with the old, in with the new. >> this was the new desk. >> how adorable is jennifer aniston? later, she gave him that haircut. jimmy had a fun show. congrats to his new time slot. welcome, jimmy. do your thing after 10, 11 years on the air. so boom, got the big slot. thanks for having jennifer on.
Jan 23, 2013 11:00pm EST
. there's not as much to write home about here. including no more omg products, it isn't going to get the love it needs to go back to where it was. so bemoan, be upset i'm not pounding the table or demanding that you sell, except the fact that apple's a decent stock the way ibm or johnson & johnson might be, maybe not as good. maybe not as good as those. it's more like how intel and microsoft used to be after they peaked. does look like many of the different product lines have peaked or slowed too. recognize it has weapons at its disposal. it can make a better story, but right now the weapons are stuck in the arsenal. which is part of the disappointment. here's the bottom line, most of all, i want you to try to just forget about apple. the stock has become the veritable eclipse you can't stop looking at, and before long, your retinas burned out and you can't see anything worth seeing. don't let this one super emotional story blind you to all of the other opportunities out there, opportunities that would be obvious if you spend less time thinking about apple and more time thinking about ev
Jan 29, 2013 5:00pm PST
we're behind the scenes of "vanity fair's" hollywood issue. >>> hey, everyone. welcome to "omg! insider." the place where the internet's hottest portal, yahoo! meets television's fastest growing entertainment news magazine show. that's us. i'm thea andrews, holding down the newsroom here in hollywood while my other tv half is new orleans for the super bowl. hey, kev. >> hey, thea, how are you? welcome to the superdome. i am hanging out because it's media day here at the super bowl. the ravens and 49ers will square off on sunday. but today is one of the great spectacles in sport as the media meets the players. and i hashed out with guys from both teams. don't worry. i'll explain. we'll get to that in a moment. >>> first, i want to talk about another story that's trending. that's my sit-down with cissy houston. whitney houston's mother. one of the subjects that we covered during our interview was the day her daughter sang "the star-spangled banner" at the super bowl. >> super bowl coming up. and the greatest national anthem in super bowl history. ♪ o say, can you see >> she killed it. i
Jan 6, 2013 6:00am PST
taped to the cat's body. he was caught. omg, this is so embarrassing. my mom warned me about pranks like this. i can't believe i fell for it. that is the news. now back to lester. >> nobody was going to notice all that stuff. >> nobody can see me. there's nothing on my back. there's nothing on my back. except for this drill, saw, and a couple screw drivers. >> thought the cat would have a perfectly good explanation. apparently not. dilan has our first check of the weather. good morning. >> he was wrapped up in tape. that hurts when you take it off. >> next time use velcro. >> thinking about the future. looking at a couple of storms. not many but a few weaker storms. heading into new england. a couple of snow showers in the snowbelts. rain moving through the mid atlantic, into the carolinas. that will be mostly a morning rain. we wil rain moving on, but still scattered showers south of san francisco and a few around the east bay hills. this will continue to head to the south during the day where the south bay will likely see a few scattered showers until about midday before skies cle
Jan 29, 2013 9:00am EST
. road map here starts with apple. the pressure mounts for the company to launch a new omg product. app announces that its fourth generation ipad is on its way with 128 gigs, with a starting price of $799. >> surge revenue topping expectations. honeymoon continues for mersa myer. we look ahead to amazon tonight. >> the f series pickups in north america, the losses will be deeper in europe this year. the conference is getting under way as we speak. >>> apple announcing 128 gigabyte version of the fourth-generation ipad. the company says the tablet will have twice the storage capacity of the 64 gig models to hold more content including photos, books, and tv shows. the new version will be available starting a week from today. the wi-fi model pricing at $799. the wi-fi-plus model also. >> new product. >> yeah. >> evolutionary product. that speaks volumes. >> this is the only thing they've got? >> look, i think it's great. they have a new product. ge probably has some new products. i think that phillips got out of the new products today. that's not what i'm looking for. i'm looking for new d
Jan 31, 2013 9:00am EST
? it's not that, right? it's not a -- boom. omg. no omg. >> evolutionary. >> by the way, tomorrow is the big january jobs number. of course, that means another chance for you to nail the number. tweet us your predictions for january non-farm payrolls or handles at squawk street, #nail the number. the prize this month will make feel nice and cozy in time for valentine's day. it is a blanket, autographed by the "squawk on the street" gang. you will have one minute before the friday release to tweet your predictions. best of luck. none of us have used the blanket. >> pristine. pristine. which may be a draw, may not be a draw. i don't know. >> hold it. >> make a sweet valentine's day gift, i'm sure, for someone. >> also the end of the month, cramer's got some ideas to help you speed past the finish line. hear about them next in his mad dash. >>> later on, an exclusive with whirlpool ceo. stocks hit 52-week highs. the appliance giant maintained the upward momentum after the great year last year. futures modestly week here. a lot more "squawk on the street." >>> get the mad dash for your thurs
Jan 31, 2013 11:00am PST
music industry. i am very proud of my performance. thank you. >> kevin frazier, omg. how are you doing? >> hi. >> let's move on to the super bowl halftime. we want to know, there have been a lot of rumors there will be a destiny's child reunion. >> i don't know. >> we know kelly is in town and michelle will be here. >> i can't really give you any details. i'm sorry. >> will we hear from the girls any time soon? >> we just had a new release, the love songs, destiny's child album. we did a new song and it was exciting to hear us together again. i dropped on the floor and felt like a teenager again when i heard us harmonize. there is nothing like our connection and the sisterhood we have. it's always such a pleasure to be around them professionally and personally. >> the next question here will come from extra. >> hello. >> how are you doing, beyonce? are you happy to be at the super bowl? >> i am so anxious, yes. >> i have to say i saw the documentary before that they played and it was unbelievable. >> thank you. >> you show so many different sides of yourself. are you nervous? >>
Jan 24, 2013 6:00am PST
say omg, you were gorgeous. >> stephanie: oh. as i was holding you very close, i was saying that i thought of you when we did the subway sandwich story about the guy who's foot long was only 11 inches, and i said that's kevin just taking out the first section. [♪ circus music ♪] >> caller: you are lucky -- 20-year-old kevin let's just say we both would have had to change our pants. >> stephanie: all right. now bye-bye. time to turn on the hose. all right. let's go to josh in memphis, welcome. >> caller: how are you doing miss miller. >> stephanie: hello. >> caller: mine is on the women being allowed in combat. >> stephanie: uh-huh. >> caller: from everything i have read from past civilizations the reason that women have never worked in combat has nothing to do with the fact that women can't fight hard. what it is is that men can't make the hard decision when women are concerned. like, you know -- >> stephanie: really? in the middle of the fire fight you are still thinking with the little head is what your point is? >> caller: it's 50 or 100,000 years of evolution telling us we'
Jan 23, 2013 9:00am PST
getting this far. i think there will be a bit left over. >> probably a few omgs, lols. yolos. good to see you, don. don riddell here. >>> strapping on a pair of skis to find out how to manage financial risk. sounds a little strange, but we are talking about richard quest. he learned some key lessons on a snow covered mountain. ♪ into a scooter that talks to the cloud? ♪ or turn 30-million artifacts... ♪ into a high-tech masterpiece? ♪ whatever your business challenge, dell has the technology and services to help you solve it. your doctor will say get smart about your weight. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes. >>> 40 world leaders, more than 2,000 business executives all gathering in one place. yes, it's that time of year again, davos, switzerland. experts trying to figure out the best way to grow the global economy. sometimes that involves a little risk. richard quest learning some cruc
Jan 1, 2013 7:00am EST
omg is what we're calling them, products. >> brand new senator coming to washington from massachusetts. elizabeth warren. what are you expecting from her? >> will she be a thorn in the side of banking or will she become the voice of the government against bankers? she wants to be the latter. i think she'll only be the former. >> secretary of treasury leaving. >> right. >> gone. tim giethneithner is saying i'm. give me the short list of people if you had the power to replace him. >> i'll give you the type of person, because i think this is who is in the running. a lot of executives in 2012 began to embrace the president after the big win. we need to see someone not necessarily from banking. that may be too troublesome but from industry. major fortune 500 -- >> throw a name out there. >> how about dave cote, ceo of honeywell. why him? leader of the debt reduction talks. >> didn't he go on sunday talk shows and say i'm not hiring, i'm holding my money to see if the guys washington can get it together? >> you're right. and they will get it together and we'll see if he hires o
Jan 22, 2013 6:00am PST
texting omg! >> grover cleveland said something -- >> yeah first to say gay, and that stonewall line selma march, and he is demonstrating to the entire country that this matters. >> stephanie: it might all the appropriate people mad. i could feel the energy. i got to go to though human rights campaign last night and hang out with senator baldwin, and it really -- i feel like the energy around -- around marriage equality in particular -- it was interesting getting back -- i ran into chris perry and sandy steer, which it is almost supreme court time. >> yeah. i'm really curious to know exactly what questions the supreme court will take up, but obama's speech was right in front of the supreme court justices. >> stephanie: yeah. >> so delivering this kind of message right in front of the supreme court, right in front of republican opposition. it's hard to crawl back from that. >> we know what clarence thomas will say he will point at scalia and say whatever he said. >> stephanie: he looked cute in that hat. but he has such a nice head of hair. >> it was weird. >> stephanie: being here ma
Jan 23, 2013 9:00am EST
the quarter that marks the bottom on the stock. will tim cook talk about the next omg product in the pipeline. >>> we'll start with mcdonald's. it earned 1.38 nds the fourth quarter, it exceeded estimates. ceo don thompson said for the near term, mcdonald's expects top and bottom line growth to remain under pressure with january global comp sales expected to be negative. jim, it's come a long way since the mid-80s here. still pressure on margins. the dollar menu is tough to sustain. >> you've got to put yourself in the heads of the buyers. i think the buyers say, look, in the end, it was better than expected. the stock was a terrible performer last year. they have to get it right eventually. it can't be as terrible as it was in 2012. not a great reason for me to buy. but obviously the market is cheery. >> somebody wrote me back on twitter, saying, i'm not loving it, i'm look it okay. >> like it. >> the u.s., interestingly, was not the problem this time around. it may have had something to do with being open on christmas day, pushing the mcrib in december rather than january. give us
Jan 24, 2013 6:00am EST
, cisco's growth, google's growth. this should be ten times earnings now, the omg factor is not there you get an old growth stock out of a new growth story until the last three-quarters. >> spoken with several analysts today who say this is a cheap stock by all these metrics that they look at. talk to another that say what they need to do is start paying out a bigger dividend, boost the dividend, buy back more shares, not just 10 billion but buy back 100 billion in sharessome that the type of plan -- >> becky, that's what intel did, got a 4% yield, microsoft's done that. didn't matter in the end. what people look at is the growth rate. we love to see something be done with their cash. i would much rather see some growth vehicle bought than any of those things because those are all one time and didn't work for microsoft and intel. they are not going to work for apple. >> amazing. it was cheap at 700. and by most measures, cheap at 600. then absolutely meaningless, depending on what is going to happen any given day. it's weird. >> the analysts have come in -- sad to watch analysts that
Jan 24, 2013 9:00am EST
omg and it need it s it now. miniipad, all the things they said, constrained, ipad constraint. we want something that just says, listen, can i just -- get into fine arts for a second, all right, go there to spots and dots, forgive me for visiting the metropolitan -- the museum of modern art. need to be -- got to get beyond the four walls of the canvas here. right now, another four walls of the canvas story, something that takes the leap from rembrandt too cezanne, not happening. >> not too shabby. >> i wasn't going klimt. >> one of the most profitable quarters in the history of tech, down 10%. that is silly, isn't it? >> huh? it is going to overshoot. frankly, it is now underneath the intel poll, which is galling. it's galling to them. you talk about the buy back and the buy back, they made it sound like, yeah, we got a buy back, like a -- like i don't have a pfizer by back going. >> don't buy back stock, it felt do -- >> maybe in today. maybe go to herbalife. talk about things you should never put in one sentence. there was a moment where you felt, listen you analyst, listen, you
Jan 14, 2013 9:00am EST
it used to be. there is no omg factor. it's just -- frankly, as my daughter said to me, who got me in the stock at 50, dad, apple stinks. they're just not a great company anymore. >> funny you say that, because forbes did a piece last week, talking about whether or not they have lost it. here's a quote. teens are telling us apple is done. apple's done a great job of embracing genx. they're all about surface tablets, laptops and galaxies. >> but i don't want to get quoted as saying apple is not a good company anymore. >> no, but younger people are saying apple is great. my daughter texted me friday night, i was at a surprise birthday party for a buddy of mine. and she said, dad, do you know anyone at apple? you've got to speak to them. i was having problems downloading my itunes, too. i think it's a good company. it's a terrific company. but i just am seeing people who liked it turn on it. i was at my verizon reseller this weekend. the guy saying, listen, i don't see the demand anymore. >> right. >> these are worrisome. it can go down, because the valuation is like other texts. i sa
Jan 28, 2013 6:00am PST
through, did you feel like omg they totally did it. it was the most kissy face lovefest i've ever seen. i don't understand why they actually did this. it was fascinating. they were both articulate and lovely. hillary spoke can -- candidly about her disappointment in losing the campaign. >> i think it was so that president obama could endorse hillary to run for president in 2016. >> it is sad because joe biden is the loser. he's been a real partner and so effective. if he comes out and endorses hillary now -- and then the next four years where does that put biden? >> john: i don't think joe biden will run. he will be 74 at the time. i think that the president would have the good taste to not endorse either one of them -- >> fair enough. >> john: let's not forget. in 1988 when reagan was president and george h.w. bush was running and so was pat robertson. president reagan didn't endoargs his own -- didn't endorse his own vice president until robertson dropped out of the race. i don't think joe biden is going to run. >> you don't think so? >> i don't think so. >> john: i would like him to. >
Search Results 0 to 44 of about 45 (some duplicates have been removed)